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Good News: Cancer Deaths on the Decline

October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I have been reading a lot about breast cancer and how it affects lives. I don't think I have cried this much while surfing the web. When I saw the headline "Report Shows Cancer Deaths Declining," I felt like jumping for joy! A new report indicates that cancer deaths in the US are down. Looks like the prevention strategies of early detection and better treatments are working and the statistics show it.

Two things are still problematic, though. One being that Native Americans are not benefiting from the prevention strategies at the same rate as other Americans. The second problem is smoking. Oh how I hate smoking. It seems the number of women smoking is not decreasing, and more people are taking up the icky habit earlier. Here are a few reasons and tips on quitting smoking, just in case you need them.

To end on a good note and with a little healthful reminder: Breast cancer deaths are down (that is the "good note"), but not enough women are getting breast exams (that would be the reminder – and here is a way to get an email reminder every month from iVillage). Also be sure to get an annual clinical breast exam.

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