Coffee was much maligned in the not so distant past and blamed for many health problems. However, new studies have illustrated the health benefits of a simple cup of joe. Well it looks like our morning brew is triumphant again - coffee may decrease the risk of developing liver cancer.

Several studies, over the past two decades, have found an inverse relationship between coffee consumption and liver enzyme levels that indicate a risk of chronic liver disease and cirrhosis. As coffee consumption goes up, the bad enzyme levels go down. Analysis of eleven studies suggest strongly that consuming two cups of coffee per day reduces the risk of liver cancer by 43 percent. It all comes down to the antioxidants found in coffee.

I am a serious coffee lover so this is great news for me. However, the best way to avoid cancers of all kinds is to: 1) not smoke and 2) maintain a healthy weight.

I will, however drink my second cup of morning brew with absolutely no guilt what-so-ever!