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Got Allergies? Don't Get Mad - Get HOT

Got Allergies? Don't Get Mad - Get HOT

Spring has bloomed all over and when I went to pick up my allergy medicine from the pharmacy yesterday, they were actually all out! You know that's because tons of people are suffering and reaching for drugs to deal with their symptoms.

Allergies affect people differently, so if you get a stuffy nose, congestion in your sinuses and fluid in your lungs, you could take decongestants, but they'll end up drying you up everywhere (even your lady business). Plus they can make you feel kind of spaced-out and tired.

Using a neti pot like the Rhino Horn can be really helpful at clearing your nose and sinuses, but if you're majorly plugged up, the water won't be able to flow from one nostril to the other.

You've got to get your heart pumping, girl! Doing any type of cardio consistently for at least 20 minutes (or more) will heat up your body, get you sweating, and get that fluid and congestion in your face and chest moving.

Running, biking, hiking, swimming, Ashtanga Yoga, using cardio machines, or taking cardio classes (like kickboxing) are all great choices.

Fit's Tips: Whatever you do, make sure you pack some tissues so when your nose starts to run; you can blow it (don't sniff it back in). If you've got congestion in your lungs, you'll end up coughing up some mucus too (I know that sounds gross but it's better to cough it up than have it sitting in your chest, right?). Staying hydrating will help too.


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SU3 SU3 10 years
Great post & btw... that's an awesome view (in the picture) to be running towards!!!
bigestivediscuit bigestivediscuit 10 years
Haha I always carry two tissues with me when I go on my morning jogs b/c the chilly air makes my nose run! It's an absolute must.
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