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4 Ab-Focused Workout DVDs Worth Trying

If you only have a short window of time to spare but want a solid workout, a DVD concentrated on strong and sculpted abs is a smart pick. You don't need a lot of space, you won't get terribly sweaty, and if you do it just right, ab work can be an incredibly effective workout. Here are four DVD workouts FitSugar staffers have tested and reviewed and will deliver moves to strengthen your core.

  • Fit in 5 Total Body Tone ($15): If the core is what you have in store, the abs workout by Fred DeVito and Elisabeth (Liz) Halfpapp will surely meet your needs. The core fusion workouts (there are two separate 10-minute routines) require nothing more than a mat and a wall. You will push your way through 45-degree sit-up positions, participate in roll downs (similar to Pilates), and crunch the 20 minutes away.
  • Shiva Rea — Creative Core Abs ($10): The sequencing is very fluid and dance-like, so the time goes by really quickly. It definitely doesn't feel like yoga. Shiva encourages you to explore your range of motion, and even though this video was focused on the abs, the movements strengthened and stretched my upper and lower back, hips, quads, shoulders, and neck too.

Want more options?

  • Bar Method Accelerated Workout ($20): Full of deceptively simple exercises with a focus on micro movements, this DVD will leave you sore in surprising places, including your abs. Bar Method creator Burr Leonard and three Bar Method studio owners lead you through a series of moves targeting not only your core, but also your arms, back, legs, and glutes. If you are short on time, try the floor work chapter for the intense ab workout.
  • Total Target — Abs ($15): The DVD starts out with a slow yoga section, guiding you through a seven-minute relaxation exercise to help you connect your breath with your core. Then it moves into challenging variations of leg lifts and Boat pose. The concentrated holds will allow you to feel your abs working, but also feel completely relaxed. The 25-minute routine ends with Savasana, to calm the mind and recharge the body.

Want a great ab workout right now? Follow along with our video, focusing on how you can use yoga to work your middle.

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