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Great News From Nike

Nike President and Chief Executive Mark Parker recently announced that by the end of the year, ALL Nike running shoes will become compatible with the Nike+ iPod Sensor.

If you're not familiar with this neat little gadget, allow me to tell you about it. Basically when you buy the Nike+ iPod Sports Kit for around $30, and you get a little receiver that plugs into your iPod Nano (it doesn't work with other iPods), and a sensor that you can put in your shoe.

The sensor fits underneath the foot pad in the sole of your Nike+ iPod compatible sneaker. As of right now, Nike doesn't make many different styles of those sneaks, so I've just been attaching the sensor to my New Balance laces with this weatherproof holder from RunAway.

When you run or walk with the Nike+ iPod, your Nano will calculate and store your pace, distance, and calories burned. I use it every time I go for a run. Then when I plug it into my computer to charge, my running data gets sent to I can visit their website whenever I want to view my running history, to set goals, and assess my progress. It's great motivation.

It sounds like by the end of the year, we'll be able to choose from a lot more styles of the Nike+ iPod running shoes. Does this mean they'll be cheaper too? I hope so because right now they'll run you between $75 - $100.

JKe895 JKe895 10 years
That sounds pretty awesome! I like the shoe featured above as well but unfortunately my iPod is back in the states :(
brazilnut brazilnut 10 years
YEEEEEEESSSSSS! The selection of Nike+ shoes leaves a lot to be desired right now! I can't wait for a better variety, this just totally made my day! I love my Nike+ iPod.
Perle Perle 10 years
Hey, when I read the article I was just remembered of our chat :D I think it would be interesting to find out why it only works with the nano because in my opinion the nano isn't very different to other i pods. I hope will chat again soon! Greetings from Germany, Perl
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