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After exercising (and during) I always crave some gulps of cool, crisp H2O, but a new study shows that having a beer after a workout could do more good than regular water. Hmmm. I'm listening...

In my opinion, the study doesn't hold too much weight since it involved only 25 participants, and they were all college students. Over several months, they were asked to do strenuous exercise in 104° temperatures. Then they were split into two groups, one was given beer and the other was given water.

The study's leader, professor Manuel Garzon of Granada University, said that the hydrating effects of those who guzzled beer were "slightly better" than those who drank water. The only problem is that previous studies show that drinking alcoholic beverages increases the amount of liquid lost through urination, so that won't really help if you're dehydrated. A nutrition expert from Bath University in Britain, said that a moderate amount of beer might be just as quenching as water, but it's unlikely that it's any better.

Want to hear the rest? Then

Dehydration is a serious condition, and last I heard the first thing you should do if you're showing symptoms is to drink water, not beer. Plus you exercise to burn calories, so why undo all the good you've done with calories from a beer that provides hardly any nutrients whatsoever? Not only that, but since beer contains alcohol, if you're working out at a gym, downing a pint of lager isn't exactly safe to do before you hop in the car to go home.

Sorry to get your hopes up people. I was excited when I first read the headline too, but it just goes to show that if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Fit's Tips: Drinking beer after a workout could help to replenish lost calories if you are feeling dizzy or your blood sugar is low, but trail mix, LARABARS, and fruit are much healthier options. They're sure to give your body the energy and vitamins it needs.


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