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Green Yoga: Practice Lightly on the Earth

The combination of yoga with environmental activism seems to be logical. Personally, I have always found it ironic to see the parking lot of a yoga studio full of SUVs...

The term “Green Yoga” (or ecological yoga) refers to the conscious intention to honor and care for the Earth as part of yoga. (Green also happens to be the color of chlorophyll, which represents the life-sustaining relationship between Sun and Earth.) There are a great number of yoga studios taking part in becoming green by doing things like adding bike racks to encourage students biking to class, using recycled paper and by making sure the products they sell are sustainable, non-toxic, and fair-trade. To find a Green Yoga studio near you and to learn more about it, visit

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juiceejuice juiceejuice 10 years
sounds cool, too bad there isn't a green studio around where i live
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