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Guinness Is Good For Your Heart

Guinness Is Good For You!

It looks like this famous old slogan has some truth to it after all. A new study from the University of Wisconsin has reported that a pint of Guinness could have the same heart health benefits as a low dose of aspirin. When tested on dogs, antioxidants in Guinness helped reduce blood clots and slow down deposits of cholesterol on the artery walls. Dogs were chosen not because they love to lap up beer, but because they have narrow blood vessels similar to those of humans who suffer from heart disease. Blood clots and clogged arteries are bad news because they increase a person's risk for a heart attack.

Let me point out that the benefits were found from drinking Guinness, not any other beers. This news doesn't mean you should go on a Guinness drinking binge for your heart's sake, because beer still contains alcohol, so limit yourself to one or fewer drinks a day.

Source:Flickr User spleeney

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