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Guitar Heroes?

Are you a wanna be rock star? Are you addicted to a video game? Could it be Guitar Hero by Play Station 2?

Well if you are suffering from debilitating wrist pain due to your virtual marathon jamming sessions, you are not alone. Joel Zumaya, a relief pitcher for the Detroit Tigers was sidelined this year with a Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI) during the play offs. His injury was evaluated by his trainers and they found his symptoms were characteristic not with pitching, but with guitar playing. It came out that he was really into the video game Guitar Hero and his virtual guitar solos were beating up his wrist. Zumaya, told to lay off the video game, returned to the game of baseball in fine form for the World Series.

Moral of the story: You are not alone in your addiction to video games. Chances are you do not have a team of trainers looking after your welfare, so listen to your body. If your hands, wrists, elbows or shoulders start to ache or burn, get up and walk away from the game for a bit. Try setting a timer so you only play for a set period of time. Good luck and rock on!

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cuttygary cuttygary 9 years
Join this group if you're a Guitar hero!
scratch5 scratch5 10 years
my man wants it too!!! weird that you can hurt yourself palying a guitar game. i wonder how many hours a day the pitcher was palying?
audreystar audreystar 10 years
my hubby wanted this for christmas and i just got it for him. :oy:
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