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Gwen Stefani is One Healthy Diva

Ever since her No Doubt days, I have been a fan of Gwen Stefani. I always thought she got her smokin' bod from all that dancing she does on stage, but I had no idea she was a health-nut too. Be it health-nut diva who has a thing for the color white, a health-nut nonetheless.

Along with at least 30 bottles of assorted water (Fiji, Vitamin Water, Fruit Water), TMZ reported that she also has a rather long list of organic vegetables, fruits and other healthy items on her tour rider -- the list of "artist demands" for their backstage dressing room.

2- 3 Packs Silk "Very Vanilla" Soy Milk Individual Serving Sides
1- Hot Tea set up to include, Tea Kettle, Organic Honey, Spoons, Fresh Lemons, 1 Box Twinnings English Breakfast Tea - Decaffeinated, 1 Box Organic Peppermint Tea, and 1 Box Organic Chamomile Tea...
1- Organic selection of whole vegetables to include: 3 cucumbers, 1 bunch beets, 1 bunch organic carrots, 1 bag pre-washed spinach, 1 bunch flat leaf Italian parsley, 1 bunch celery (all must be organic)
1- Bowl of organic grown whole cashews
1- Bowl of organic grown whole almonds
1- Organic veggie tray with organic ranch dressing/dip
1- Organic fresh fruit tray - to include seasonal berries, melons, fruits, a tropical assortment also welcome
1- Organic fruit bowl - to include organic bananas, plums, apples and pears

It looks like while the rest of us may not be eating enough fruits and veggies daily, Gwen sure is. To see her full tour rider check out


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