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Gwyneth Paltrow Shares Video of Tracy Anderson's Arm Workout That Cured Her Bat Wing Issue

Gwyneth Paltrow: Thanks to Tracy Anderson, My "Sagging Ass" Is in Shape

Madonna may have given trainer Tracy Anderson the boot, but that hasn't stopped pal Gwynnie Paltrow from professing her adoration for all things Tracy. The actress pens a love note to the trainer in her latest GOOP newsletter that also includes a video workout and mini-interviews from celebs like Courteney Cox, Donna Karan, and Kristin Davis.

"Tracy shares with us a little arm series that I did everyday preparing for Iron Man and that I take on the road. She just made it home-made style for me, lo fi. But it's good. Especially for the batwing problem."

To see what Courteney, Kristin, and Donna say about Tracy, read more.

Courteney Cox: "I have seen amazing results that I never thought were possible. My butt has lifted, my arms are sculpted, and my skin is tight and actually clings to the muscle again."

Donna Karan: "The Method is never boring and there are so many options to keep your mind and body engaged. I like that you are doing the work and not relying on a machine."

Kristin Davis: "The thing that I am most impressed with about Tracy’s Method is that it really does elongate and tone muscle. I’ve tried most of the classes and methods out there, and this is the first one that hasn’t added bulk over time (especially to my legs)."

Are you going to give Tracy's booty shakin' routine a try?

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