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Gwyneth Paltrow Wants to Learn How to Meditate

Meditate Your Way to Good Health

This year Gwyneth Paltrow is going to clear her mind and give meditation a try. Before you write this off as another one of Gwyneth's questionable health practices or categorize meditation as something hippies, Buddhists, and the new agey do in incense filled rooms, hear me out. Meditation is an easy way to alleviate stress and anxiety and it doesn't cost a dime. Also, it can be done anywhere in as little as five minutes.

In her latest GOOP newsletter, Gwyneth writes that she's not exactly sure how to meditate but she hears it's "freakin' brilliant."  Well, she's right to say that — it is brilliant and it's so easy to do. Whenever I meditate, I always feel refreshed, energized, and less anxious. While there are many different types of meditation, here are some basic guidelines if you'd like to give meditation a try.

First find a quiet place to relax, and then put your body into a comfortable position — I usually lie down in my room with the lights dimmed. Close your eyes and concentrate on your breath going in and out of your body. The action of concentrating on your breath is what helps you let go of worries and stress. Instead of focusing on life's little problems, you clear your mind and instead focus on the present moment.

At first go, some people might have a hard time letting go to just be in the moment. If that's the case, try and do it for only a few minutes the first couple of times. As you become more comfortable with the practice give yourself 20 minutes of escape time. And don't worry if your mind starts to wander, just refocus on your breath. It always comes back to the breath.

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