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Gym Equipment Quiz

Name That Equipment!

Gym rats gather 'round. If you are a dedicated member at your local sweat stop, you should be able to recognize these machines with no trouble at all. Come take this quiz and see if you know the monikers for these sweat-inducing apparatuses.

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What is this cardio machine called?

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Which area of the body does this machine work out?

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What is the name of this machine?

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Which machine was first invented?

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Which exercise uses this machine?

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millarci millarci 6 years
I miss using an Arc Trainer. My new gym doesn't have them. They are the best cardio machine out there. I love them!
amber512 amber512 6 years
I LOVE ArcTrainers! I wish more gyms had them, and more OF them! They are always packed. To make it harder : using the highest incline (10) helps and the resistance goes to 100! I've tried going that high before and it feels like you're stuck in very thick wet sand. I usually do an incline of 10 and a resistance of 30.
Kagetee Kagetee 6 years
Yay! I scored 100...after losing 90 pounds I should have! - to answer your question...I like the Arc Trainer..but the Rowing machine and VersaClimber is where it is at!
TheLittleMonster TheLittleMonster 6 years
I love the arc trainer! I always set it on the highest incline (which is 10 at my gym) and alternate the resistance, doing intervals of the fastest I can go at higher resistance. I think that's the real key to these machines- the resistance. Great for days I don't feel like running. It even burns more calories per hour according to the counter.
TiVo TiVo 6 years
Yay me! By the way, do a lot of people like arc trainers? I can't get into them because I can't seem to make them difficult enough. I guess it's not natural for me. It's too bad though because my gym has like 15 of these dang things!
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