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Hitting the Gym? Check Your Etiquette

The gym is a shared space where we sweat, work hard and relax. There are some important spoken and unspoken rules when it comes to working out with others, so please keep these in mind the next time you go to work out. Some of these are FitSugar readers' ideas.

  • "Don't go to the gym if you're sick." — jkat

  • Come clean. Your clothes should be washed and smelling fresh. Also, Spectra says, "Please wear deodorant at the gym, especially if you plan on getting really sweaty. "
  • AMP says "Please no perfume [or cologne] at the gym." The powerful smell could cause an allergic reaction in tight quarters.
  • Leave your cell phone in the car or locker room. If you're expecting a call, turn off the ringer and call the person back once you're away from other gym-goers. No one wants to here you gabbing away.
  • Don't be a hog. The equipment is there to share so be mindful of the time limits on cardio and weight machines. If you're training for a marathon and need the treadmill for more than an hour, hit the gym mid-day when it's not so crowded.
  • LesleyP825 also says, "You know what I hate? Hovering. Like if I'm on a machine in the middle of a set and someone is standing over you. Then when I get off they practically jump on top of me to use it. Have some patience!"

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  • Don't stare. Aside from being rude, keep in mind that people aren't always looking to meet while they're sweating. If you're interested, talk to the person after the workout.
  • Get to classes at least five minutes early. It's nice to settle in and find your spot, and it ensures that you don't interrupt the class once it's already begun. If you're late, sneak in as quietly as possible.
  • "Don't chat to your friends during class." — syako
  • Clean off the equipment properly. Renees3 reminds us not to use the same towel you wiped up your sweaty face with to clean the machine. Use a clean towel or paper towel and cleaning spray offered by the gym to wipe down handles, buttons, and everything you touched to prevent passing on your germs.
  • "Don't leave your bags, jackets, towels, etc. where people can trip on them!" — millarci
  • "Please don't sit naked on the bench in the locker room. Seriously, for your sake and mine, put down a towel." — spider_pig


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