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Have Trouble Sleeping? Argue in the Morning

Tossing and turning in bed when you should be sleeping is not only frustrating, it is bad for your health. A good night's rest helps fight many health issues, from breast cancer to the common cold. To protect the sanctity of your sleep, you need to work on relaxing at night, which is why sleep experts say to save your intense conversations for the morning and keep the pillow talk sweet. Stressful discussions, like your kid's grades or the state of your finances, right before bed can and will keep you up at night. So rather than attempting to "sleep on it," just save your tense talk for the morning when you will have all day to process the information and emotions; then chances are higher that you will be able to sleep tight.


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Spectra Spectra 8 years
Ha, my husband and I both just fall dead asleep when we get into bed, so we don't talk a lot before falling asleep. We tend to have most of our deep discussions in the car, for whatever reason.
ella1978 ella1978 8 years
My fiance and I have some serious talks before bed.. but we don't really argue, sometimes I actually sleep better, because I feel better after talking with him about whatever it is. Sure some things can wait, but I always follow the rule of don't go to bed angry!
imariec imariec 8 years
hmmm - so you either have a bad night of sleep, or a bad day.
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