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Have You Ever Broken A Bone?

I've actually never broken anything (knock on wood), which makes me really curious to hear about other people's experiences. It seems like just about everyone I've met has some horror story about getting rushed to the ER.

To tell you the truth, I secretly wanted to be that kid who fell out of a tree and broke their arm, so I could have crutches, a cast with all my friends' signatures, and get all that attention. Now that I'm older, I've changed my mind of course.

So what about you...

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Rachel101 Rachel101 8 years
I will never forget when i was at my neighbors house and their BIG dog Zulu came charging at me and knoked me down! I was rushed to the ER and i found out i had broken 3 parts of my arm, and dislocated my shoulder.
jpbdogrulez jpbdogrulez 8 years
I have broken both my arms at the same time plus my right arm twice. Broken both my legs, wrist, hand, foot, shoulder, collar bone, ankle, and a minor fractured neck. Also I'm now in one of those damn spica cast because I just broke both my femur bones last week. I have to wear it for up to 3 1/2 months. I'm a daredevil.
tlsgirl tlsgirl 9 years
Fives times now! Apparently I'm the biggest klutz every
Bksuga Bksuga 9 years
funny u ask that i just recently broke the two bones in my leg and my foot was dislocated thank god for morphine
nannychica nannychica 9 years
I've broken my tailbone (slipped in the mud and landed on a tree root) and I've broken my thumb (someone accidentally slammed a sliding minivan door on it). Good times! lol
cereal_please cereal_please 9 years
I don't really have any horror stories, but I've broken at least three bones. I broke my right little finger in 7th grade playing basketball. I thought it was sprained and didn't get it looked at until more than two weeks later. Since it was broken, it began to heal incorrectly and I had to have surgery otherwise I'd have bad arthritis or have to get my finger fused. It sidelined me from basketball for a good 5 months with rehab and everything (which I didn't really do, so my finger can't bend or straighten all the way due to scar tissue that never went away). I also broke both my ring fingers in basketball (not at the same time). I might have broken the same ring finger a month after it healed too, but they couldn't tell on the xray because of the old break. Then there's the stress fractures I had in my legs from basketball/running.
Hollisterbabe01 Hollisterbabe01 9 years
I broke my ankle! I was going over a hurdle in track camp! It was horrible a couldnt do anything over the whole summer!
Swp2885 Swp2885 9 years
i'm a total klutz I've broken and bruised many bones broke 4 toes on one foot all at one ( got slammed in a door) broke my elbow falling down stairs broke a bone in my foot playing tag (never play tag in platform sandles!) broke and jammed some fingers along the way bruised my coxic falling down stairs sooo not fun for sitting haven't had any big clumsy accidents in a while knock on wood =)
sil2op sil2op 9 years
Many, Many broken bones for me, both wrists, both ankles, left leg & kneecap (car accident), nose (twice), 3 fingers, and 2 toes. All at different times though. I played lots of sports when I was a kid. (although looking at that list it appears I probably was on the injured list more than I played!)
beingtazim beingtazim 9 years
i have never broken a bone.
huggybear_84 huggybear_84 9 years
I never had but I saw my brother brake his arm and the memory makes me sooooooo happy it has never happened to me!
laurini laurini 9 years
When I was 10 I slipped on a pile of weat leaves (yes, *leaves*) and broke my left wrist. A year later I jumped off of some monkey bars on a dare and broke both wrists. It was awful. I couldn't even go to the bathroom by myself or take a shower. I was getting bathed by my mother when I was 11 years old. But I did get a neon green cast and a bright purple cast, so that was sort of cool.
Spectra Spectra 9 years
I'm 26 and haven't broken any bones yet. I did get a bad bout of tendonitis in my foot that hurt a lot and made my foot FEEL like it was broken. I really hope I never break a bone...I've been pretty lucky so far. The only thing I've broken while running is a good sweat!
thexxnewxromance thexxnewxromance 9 years
I'm 24 and have never ( knock on wood) broken a bone. When I was younger though, I used to want to break a bone because I wanted all my friends to sign my cast. haha
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