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Have You Ever Seen a Chiropractor?

Chronic back pain is such a common ailment, and it seems like many people see a chiropractor to re-align their spine to get relief. Aside from general aches and pains, I know a few people who also see one for other conditions like asthma and digestive issues. They believe that health of the entire body is determined by the health of their spine. I have been adjusted to deal with upper back and neck issues, but don't see a chiropractor regularly. But I was wondering . . .


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drlogiudice drlogiudice 8 years
Much like you would keep a good mechanic or a good lawyer, you have to shop around to find a doctor that fits you and your personal tastes. I am a chiropractor that spends time with my patients, something they are not used to. I listen, I massage, I look at posture, occupation, diet, stress levels, and I never ever surprise a patient with an adjustment. I have been asked not to adjust, there are over 300 techniques(I do not know them all) but I have a soft touch and don't let anyone tell you that it is not safe, it is the safest healthcare out there. Sure people get hurt, and maybe there has been a stroke but compare apples to apples. How many people die each year from plain old aspirin? Do you know? You won't take it if you knew, but the medical profession is recommending aspirin everyday to prevent heart attacks. Try Omega 3 Fish Oil and Niacin if you think you have circulation problems or have a family history of heart attacks. And stop eating refined foods. I can go on and on. Some chiropractors look to surprise their patients to "Get" the adjustments. If the muscles are not ready to release, then I 'work the muscles out' surrounding the joint that is restricted or painful. I use Moist Heat and Graston Technique, and Active Release Tech, and I follow it up with Ice Therapy. I use a variety of other techniques to relax the muscle as well. You can all deal with your pain the way you like, however, there are certain conditions that will only be resolved with manipulation, be it from a Chinese bonesetter, Doctor of Osteopath(derivative of Medical Doctor), Chiropractor, Personal Trainer, or simply a child walking on your back. If you have a condition that you have tried physical therapy, drugs, cortisone shots, nerve blocks, or even botox, I bet I can point you in the right direction. Consider Spinal Decompression for those difficult cases that physical therapy and/or chiropractic hasn't helped. Shoot me an email with your questions, comments, complaints, even your bashes. I have thick skin and I can talk those people off the ledge that are strongly anti-chiropractic. Not all of us practice the same way - Just remember that! There are 10 chiropractors in West Linn, and all of us do something different, so perfect example, same mission, different technique. Our goal is to make you 100% whole and healthy without drugs and surgery. Any great chiropractor know when drugs and surgery is needed, and should refer out when necessary. There you got me all warmed up, so again, I welcome questions about your health or back pain, if I can help you, I will. If I cannot, I send you to the next best choice. Try chiropractic first, why not, no drugs, no surgeries, possible side-effects include soreness, relief from pain, and increased range of motion. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me. If you chiropractor tells you that you need to see him for life, check out what kind of car he is driving, LOL.
Spectra Spectra 8 years
My dad has a broken vertebra in his back and my mom has a pinched nerve in her neck, so they always went to chiropractors for adjustments. When I was in high school, we all went to the chiropractor to get felt pretty good, but it wasn't like, magical or anything. I could see going if you have back pain, but if you suffer from like, stomach pain or something totally unrelated to your back, I don't think it's going to help as much as people say it does.
redpapaya redpapaya 8 years
Hey All! I just wanted to clear up a few misconceptions on Chiropractic... First: the premise of chiropractic is based on the philosophy that your body is fully equipped to heal itself of anything. Your spine is an extension of your brain and all neural impulses need to go through the spinal cord. What prevents your body from doing so efficiently is often caused by a INTERFERENCE in the spine (also known as a subluxation). Chiropractors are the only expert profession trained in identifying and treating spinal subluxations. Really, chiropractors don't CURE anything...YOU do. They just remove anything preventing your body to. This is why chiropractic can help with endless symptoms, not only with neck and back pain. If you don't believe me...check out this amazing video: Second: Chiropractic has been around since ancient civilizations and is completely safe and non-invasive. I am a firm believer that people should visit their family chiropractor prior to seeing their medical doctor. Isn't it silly that, because of our quick-fix culture, we would much rather mask symptoms (by taking meds and eventually toxifying our bodies) versus re-aligning our spines and getting rid of our pain at the source?? TO TADOW: I am actually intreagued as to what your sources are claiming that there are no long term benefits and that allignment is detrimental to your health. Please shoot me an email--- I'm very curious now... If anyone is curious as to how "legit" chiropractors are...check out this link that compares certification for a medical versus chiropractic licenses. And just to thrown this in there, here's an article on a recent study comparing chiropractic adjustments to a combination of TWO blood pressure medications. This study was conducted by medical doctors and is unbiased towards chiropractic. Should you have ANY not hesistate to msg me personally!! :D
NatashaAlexis NatashaAlexis 8 years
I love going to the chiropractor, I always feel so much better like I could do anything. But I haven't one in a while- no health insurence till March :(
misslilad misslilad 8 years
i used to be a naysayer, but after having back problems for several years, i started seeing a chiropractor and it has helped tremendously. i have done yoga regularly for several years too. i think that it depends on who you see, just like a regular doctor. my chiro is more into healing your whole self with massage, pilates, wellness, adjustments. he fits for me and i feel better plus my menstrual cramps seem to have gotten better as well. that in itself makes it worth it for me. but in the end, you have to do what makes you feel comfortable. if more traditional treatments are for you, then you should do them
Lovely_1 Lovely_1 8 years
Nope. Never have and never want to. It creeps me out too...doesn't seem super heathly.
eroca87 eroca87 8 years
Of husband is a chiropractor. He does a lot of whole body wellness...nutrition, exercise therapy and postural rehabilitation so that people learn to care for their spines. As Hippocrates said, "look well to the spine for the cause of disease." I am a believer in holistic healing, and "real" chiropractic (not the money hungry been a car accident kind) is a major component.
bluehue bluehue 8 years
my mother took me and my sister when we were 9 & 10 years old. I am now completely dependent on adjustments every 4-7 days. It's horrible and I hate it.
DeviousMuse DeviousMuse 8 years
I just recently started going to one (as in, within the last week), so I don't know if he's going to be able to help me yet. But I'm hopeful. He does a total wellness treatment, which includes chiro, physical therapy, electro-stimulation therapy, cold-laser accupuncture and massage therapy. After 7 years of pains in my neck, frequent headaches, joint pain in my shoulder and numbness in my hand (and an MRI that shows the nerves are compressed between the vertebrae), I got tired of traditional doctors only giving me drugs to cover the symptoms and not looking for ways to ease the problem. For me, its worth it to try something new.
lilkimbo lilkimbo 8 years
Yoga and exercise don't work for me. I went to the chiropractor years ago with scoliosis and back injuries from a few car accidents. The adjustments, therapies, and exercises worked wonders for me! And, I talked to a neurologist and and an orthopedist about it before going and both said it was perfectly safe for everyone and helpful for a lot of people.
Dana18 Dana18 8 years
Happily I have a good back and yoga is great for any tight spots.
gabiushka gabiushka 8 years
No, yoga works a lot better.
kia kia 8 years
I had a great one that helped me twice in my life. First he was the middle-man when I got an IGG antibody test to figure out my food allergies. At the time I had a gastrointerologist that wanted to take out my gall bladder to see if it would help the issues I was having (the GI doc never thought food allergies were the issue). I went back to the chiropractor after my car accident as an alternative to some harsh treatments and potential surgery for my back. He had me in his care for over a year and I am pretty healthy now. The best is that he was not a bone-cracker, he worked with the area around my spine and other bones to get my body working properly again. I was amazed at how I was responding to treatments with periodic x-rays we would take on my spinal column.
Nina_79 Nina_79 8 years
Yes, but never again. Didnt help me at all. The only thing that helps me, and ive had back problems for years, is Atlaslogy, massages and exercise to strenghten my back (weight lifting).
Chiropractors practice a soft science. There is not enough evidence to prove that going to a chiropractor actually produces long term benefits and there is too much evidence that being "realigned" can cause long term damage. Exercise, regular checkups and yoga may be the best solutions for spinal pain.
starangel82 starangel82 8 years
I used to have major back problems when I was younger. I saw a chiropractor for pain management until I could have my surgery. It helped then, but I wouldn't dare go now.
frantichomecook frantichomecook 8 years
I will never go again. I suffered a torn artery in the back of my neck. I survived but my neurologist said chiropractic manipulation is one of the main causes. He said never to go to one. Very dangerous.
tsp tsp 8 years
i went to a traditional chiro a couple times and it gave me the creeps...just too much about cranking things around to get the adjustment done. then i found a guy (he's the chiro of one of our local cycling teams) who does moist heat therapy, then deep tissue massage, followed by an adjustment IF your body allows. it is WONDERFUL. his theory is that no adjustment will stick if your muscles are tight, which is why he does all he does (it's a LONG massage). It makes total sense to me. I have recommended him to many friends who have all walked away completely hooked. I won't go anywhere else.
aimeeb aimeeb 8 years
Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaars ago once or twice.
Renee3327 Renee3327 8 years
Everyone in my family suffers from back problems and used to see chiropractors regularly. After hearing about the dependence on getting adjusted, I resolved to find another way. Regular workouts and the occasional massage keep everything under control, no adjusting necessary!
javsmav javsmav 8 years
After hearing horror stories from my boyfriend (a neurologist) , I'd never go. Sounds way too risky.
kaylasix kaylasix 8 years
i want to, i'm 22 years old and my lower back has been hurting for weeks for no reason... it is not fun
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