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Have You Ever Seen a Dietician?

Eating healthy is no small feat, especially if you are on the run, have special dietary needs, or are trying to lose weight. In all these scenarios, meeting with a dietitian can help. I think it is a great idea to have an educated eye sizing up your nutrition, which is why I've included having a session with a dietitian as a must have for October.

A dietitian will asses your diet and then provide advice and recommendations on how to improve your eating habits to help you reach your goals.

I was wondering if any of you have ever seen a dietitian, and what your experience was like. Were they helpful? Did you learn any valuable info or tips?

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SugarKat SugarKat 9 years
I had to see one when I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes.
klandrach klandrach 9 years
I saw one for about six months and she helped me out. Came up with some suggestions I didn't think of and also helped me out of a workout rut. I think it is just like any other doctor/ need to do some research and find someone that is right for you. That said, Volumetrics was a book my nutritionalist recommended that I still refer to. Very interesting and helpful.
Allytta Allytta 9 years
no, and not planning on it ever. i belive a person should be well educated in this field by him/herself and i'm doing everything i can to deliever. it all starts in the family, and my mom taught me well. my family eats very well and my shopping list consists mostly of fruits and veggies, so i'm eating really healthy food. if i'm goona have a problem i'll do the blood work and see what's up. then i'll go from there. the introduction to real food should start at school and i was really lucky with that. and the family too. my father wasn't that lucky, he's mom was really crapy with food and ruined his stomach, he had ulcer... and i know a lot of people with eating disorders because of not enough info, well, not listening to the info really.
alon alon 9 years
For all of you who voted that they want to see a dietitian here is a simple convenient on-line way to see one. Try the Nutrition Advisors’ Network at it has nothing to with wine and all to do with Nutrition Experts that will talk to you live.
dubsie1 dubsie1 9 years
My mom is a dietician so I guess in a way I saw one everyday of my life growing up. She rules and I know her patients swore by her.
amandaaa amandaaa 9 years
that's what i'm studying to be!!!!!!!
alex_289 alex_289 9 years
I had anorexia so I was forced to see a nutritionist! But, she helped me more than anyone. I could not have gotten better without her!
nikkitty nikkitty 9 years
i go see a dietician every fortnight as treatment for an eating disorder. She helps me plan meals, portion sizes, what foods are nutritionally good for the body etc. I understand it could help people who have poor dietry habits, such as eating junkfood, but i cant say it has helped me. All that talk about food guidelines makes me want to rebel even more.But for the majority of people, i'm sure seeing a dietician would be very motivational
Kaellya Kaellya 9 years
Yeah, I got referred to one by my doctor, just to check my diet was OK because my periods had randomly stopped. She asked me what I ate, I told her (three meals, two snacks, pudding, healthy but not obsessively.) She said I should eat more cheese and crackers (Saturated fat and white carbs??) and have milk before bedtime - I told her I already ate about five portions of dairy a day. Aka - she was useless. Also she had a huuuuge amount of abdominal fat (the unhealthiest kind) and was overweight.
aoitenshi aoitenshi 9 years
I saw one just a week ago, and she gave me a diet plan. I didn't hear anything I haven't heard before, but I like how I was told about portions, such as how many servings of rice I can take per meal. The diet isn't specific - it doesn't mention what kind of dishes I should eat or how much, so I feel like it's easier to do, and I don't feel pressured to follow it to the letter. I'm glad I made that appointment.
misstsapinay misstsapinay 9 years
I saw Dr. Melina Jampolis, Fit TV's Diet Doctor. She's really nice and very helpful :)
bellanatella bellanatella 9 years
Hey, I'm with the majority. I've never seen one, but always wondered what it would be like.
amynick3 amynick3 9 years
I am a nursing major and after taking a nutrition class, decided to minor in nutrition as well. Many people may not realize it, but eating right and exercising goes SUCH a long way in helping certain medical conditions and preventing chronic ones!
jiujiu jiujiu 9 years
I went to a bariatrician which I found was REALLY helpful. He was an actual doctor so it was a serious program. It was mind and body wellness. It went beyond someone just telling me what to eat. You start with an EKG and various blood tests and the doctor goes from there. I absoluately recommend it, especially to anyone who is serious about weightloss and wants a life change. I wish more people had heard of bariatricians!
laluna laluna 9 years
I was sent to one a few years ago when i was sick. I pretty much just got a pile of handouts telling me what to eat and what not to eat. It wasn't very inspiring and i didn't go back for my follow up appointments.
ccsugar ccsugar 9 years
Never been to a dietician but I have always been interested. It's not covered in my benefits though :(
rinoakes rinoakes 9 years
joghog, I'm interested in becoming a dietician myself someday. I'm in high school now. What courses should I take? And, do you have any tips?:)
RachB424 RachB424 9 years
I have never seeb an RD, but I think It might be beneficial. I just graduated from college and I think that is where people cangain weight because of the late night eating and drinking. I will take joghog's advice and look one up.
sarabel sarabel 9 years
saw one who decided i needed to hear his life story then gave me all supplements. saw another who suggested i get my thyroid checked. after multiple physicians and multiple efforts at fixing things the dietitian points out it might be the thyroid, and she was right!
wackdoodle wackdoodle 9 years
Yes, I see a RD every two to three months. She keeps my nutrition on track and broadens my dietary horizons. I am now addicted to kale thanks to her.
Spectra Spectra 9 years
I saw an RD when I was suffering from an eating disorder a few years ago. She really didn't tell me anything I didn't know. She showed me "what a portion size was" and how many servings a day of various foods I needed to eat. I could see them being helpful for someone who has no clue about nutrition, but I had a lot of knowledge about nutrition already.
kiddylnd kiddylnd 9 years
Looks like I DO have benefits for this. Just can't quite figue out what it covers. Might be worth while for you all to look into your benefits and see if this is covered in your medical plan.
joghog joghog 9 years
I am a Registered Dietitian myself, and I feel that we can really benefit people who don't know where to start with their diet plans/goals. There are over 70,000 registered dietitians in the US, so if you're looking for one, you can find one in a directory at P.S. I LOVE my job. =0)
AMP AMP 9 years
Have not, but probably should have a long time ago. I wasted way too much of my youth being fat before I learned all about nutrition (on my own). I don't really feel the need to see one now, but I would love to get my food allergies tested.
kiddylnd kiddylnd 9 years
My SIL saw one for a while and although didn't incorporate every suggestion, she is much happier with her diet now. I THINK my health plan allows me a few visits. I should really look into that.
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