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Health Benefits of Black Rice

Black Rice: Become a Superfan of This Superfood

Are you a fan of black rice, this year's reigning superfood? Over the weekend I had some in a mango sticky rice dish at a Thai cultural center brunch (where proceeds from the homemade curries and soups go directly back to maintaining the temple and grounds) and I now count myself as a fan.

Not only was the deep purple of the black rice, the yellow of the mangoes, and the lush green of the temple's vegetable garden a great reminder to eat the rainbow, it was also nice to know that I was getting essential cancer-fighting properties in my dessert.

Black rice, like brown rice, retains the bran cover that is removed to make white rice. That means the grain is packed with nutritional benefits, including being rich in iron and fiber. Want to know more about this "forbidden" rice, including how it stacks up against brown rice and other cancer-fighting foods? Read more after the break.

Like many other dark red, purple, or blue foods, black rice contains great levels of the antioxidant anthocyanin, which in addition to being a stand up cancer-fighter also plays a role in preventing heart disease and improving memory.

A study earlier this year found that a spoonful of black rice bran contains more anthorcyanin than blueberries but less sugar. In fact, this noir-colored food has a higher concentration of anthocyanins than any other food! In addition, the anthocyanin's water-solubility means that antioxidants can reach more places in the body than the oil-soluble antioxidants in other foods like brown rice.

Black rice's new "It" status has made it more available than ever before, so if you are a fan, tell us how you've been using it in your meals!

Source: Flickr User FootosVanRobin

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