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Health Benefits of Jumping Rope

Reasons to Own a Jump Rope

If running outside is not your cup of tea, and steep gym prices prevent you from hitting the pool or a spin class, you'll need an inexpensive and easy way to keep up with your cardio sessions. You may associate a jump rope with school-aged girls, boxers, or those in the military, but jump ropes are a great tool to keep in your home gym and here's why.

  1. Cheap way to save time while burning major calories: For about $8 and 30 minutes, a 130-pound woman can burn 330 calories — running at a pace of 10 minutes per mile (six mph) only burns 270 calories.
  2. You can do your workout anywhere: Whether you're in a hotel room on a business trip, outside on your deck, or inside your home because of bad weather, you can jump rope — just make sure the ceilings are high enough. Since a jump rope takes up so little room, it can easily be stashed in your suitcase, gym or yoga bag, or even your purse.
  3. Jumping is good for bone health: If you're young, you're not exactly worrying about osteoporosis yet, but what you do now can help prevent this condition. It turns out that simply jumping up and down helps strengthen your bones.
  4. It tones your legs and booty: Who doesn't want a tight and toned tush? Just like running and biking, jumping rope requires mostly leg strength. You can jump up and down, side-to-side, or forward and backward, jump while moving around the room, jump with one leg, or jump with both legs together. Varying your steps will target different muscles and also prevent boredom.
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