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Health Confessional: Share It and Move On

Confessing my health and fitness slip-ups to you guys make me feel human again, especially after reading everyone else's confessions. I've got a new one to make . . .

I've purchased and gobbled down a various form of bagel for breakfast everyday for the past week. Now, I'm not talking about a mini-whole wheat bagel with light cream cheese on the side. I'm talking egg, sausage, and cheese on a huge NY style everything bagel — and I don't even usually like sausage! I seriously don't know what's come over me, especially since I am fully aware how many calories are in one bagel before all the tasty trimmings. Starting today I am going back to my usual oatmeal with fruit starter but I'm not going to lie, my naughty week of bagel sandwiches was amazing.

So there, I've confessed — hey, it happens right? Now it's your turn. Do you have anything you want to confess and get off your chest? It helps knowing that we all make mistakes and that life, and health, does indeed go on.


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cruigao cruigao 9 years
well this week i've been bad twice. first time when an old friend came to visit and we ate out for lunch AND dinner. lunch wasn't so bad, but dinner... oh boy. it was a mexican restaurant and my friend pressured me to get a main meal even though i really should have gotten a salad instead... under her influence i ordered an overstuffed burrito and while (thank goodness) i didn't finish it (the thing was HUGE), i still ate a fair amount and walked away from the table feeling stuffed. then we went to coldstone where i ordered a small scoop of mint chocolate ice cream topped with dark chocolate chips (mmmm). then we bought triple-chocolate cookie mix and baked cookies at home! i ate three (each was around 120 calories!). THEN for breakfast the next morning i ate one slice of pb bread and 2 slices of four cheese italian pizza (!! who eats pizza for breakfast?!). anyway, second time was when i just binged on nuts at home... pecans, almonds, cashews, trail mix... plus these little pastries that my mom bought the other day. :(
kayla74 kayla74 9 years
I stopped eating meat over a month ago. I ate chicken fried steak on Father's Day. Sometimes it's hell living in the south. [Haven't eaten meat since! Two whole days!]
LaurenG22 LaurenG22 9 years
I ate half a medium size bag of dark chocolate peanut m and ms... :shy:
sugar-n-spice sugar-n-spice 9 years
Visited my mom... and all her cream-loving Paula-cooking ways! Then my friends too me out... I honestly didn't pig out! My portion sizes were the same as they've always been--- BUT I'm definetly excited to be back in the swing of things... smoothies and LONG jogs here I come! But I enjoyed every tasty scone, specialty coffee drink, and oh-so-yummy Thai food! mmmmmmm!
ElectroPopTart ElectroPopTart 9 years
During one of the WORST movies over the weekend (the happening) I wolfed down a whole THEATER bag of peanut m&m's!!! EEEeeeks! The whole movie I was focused on "OMG, I ate the whole bag?!" lol...I'm still recovering..
quietriott quietriott 9 years
ugh i had a cheeseburger and fries this weekend and felt so gross afterwards. why does it taste so good while you are eating it and then awful later??
Smilesp Smilesp 9 years
I went out to brunch for fathers day and had cherry pie for dessert...then later I had a few cheese fries and like 2 doughnuts...what was I thinking??
Spectra Spectra 9 years
Lately, I've been really bad about eating too many nuts. I know they're good for me, but I've been eating them like there's no tomorrow. Other than that, I've been pretty darn good lately :)
ualili ualili 9 years
I ate more than my fair share of warm, gooey brie and bread. OMG, the calories were so worth it!
runfaster runfaster 9 years
I've been trying to be good about eating actual meals, but lately all I want are olives. And pickles. Yesterday I drank the pickle juice when I ran out of pickles. I have an orange and a banana on my desk but I really really just want some olives.
SublimeChica SublimeChica 9 years
Spicy chicken *sandwich*, definitely not an entire chicken
SublimeChica SublimeChica 9 years
Small fries and a spicy chicken from Wendy''s been like 3 years since I've eaten something like that and I won't lie, I enjoyed every deep fried minute of it.
chicchick chicchick 9 years
I'm devouring a CAN of Pringles as I read this...
LesleyP825 LesleyP825 9 years
Beer. Lots and lots of beer!!
Kate-Marie Kate-Marie 9 years
Gosh, I haven't been bad recently, but I confess I eat WAY more pizza than I probably should! Next week my family is going on our annual summer vacation, and basically I give myself license to eat whatever I want. We usually end up eating out for every meal and have ice cream or other desserts every day. But it's a lot of fun, and we do a lot of walking, so I figure that's gotta count for something! It's good to know we all have slip-ups. I'll remember this post the next time I feel guilty for making a bad choice. I just have to be happy with myself and my decisions, and know that in general, I'm more healthy and health-conscious than lots of other people I come across.
syako syako 9 years
:highfive: tls! I'm hitting that up before the end of July for sure!
Lo-Lo291303 Lo-Lo291303 9 years
Btw, ElleJay, I can totally relate! Sometimes when I'm too tired to work out, I just say "screw it" and then go to town on everything in sight. I've been known to binge on cookies, cake, ice cream AND chips in one sitting! Ouch! Oh, and my colleague who is trying to lose weight eats a bagel EVERY day for breakfast. She thinks it's good for her because it's multigrain, but it's HUGE and I'd say it has about 400 calories in it (and that's not factoring in the cream cheese on top)!
Lo-Lo291303 Lo-Lo291303 9 years
I adore this post! Reading the comments made me feel SO much better about my lack of self control at times. Today one of my students gave me a giant bag full of jube jubes and I swore I'd give them to my b/f. Instead I went to town on them! They're so addictive!
tlsgirl tlsgirl 9 years
Syako - it was 7 on Fulton in the CBD by the Riverwalk.
animatedpunk animatedpunk 9 years
i've been pretty bad for the last 2 weeks.... mainly because i'm broke and it's more expensive to eat healthy...... but i feel gross. So starting today I'm back on track!
ella1978 ella1978 9 years
can we have this venting every monday morning, I'll feel better. July 4th we are having a big party at our place... I can only see it now. I'll try to plan something diverse and healthy, but inevitably the chips and ice cream sandwiches show up... ugh. They should make ice cream flavored gum...
gooniette gooniette 9 years
Hmm, drank a lot of wine last night, made brownies and then ate a bunch, then snacked on roasted peanuts, pretzels, and cheese and crackers. All of this after a steak and shrimp dinner. Man it was good though!
SassyK SassyK 9 years
I got drunk twice in one week, once on wine with my family and then again for my birthday on champagne and cider. On my party night we all ended up going out to a diner in my town that sells amazing poutine. I ate one to myself and half of two others of my friends. I definitally going back to healthy this whole week- I think about tha night and it's a motivator!
ElleJay ElleJay 9 years
uhhh... last night i planned on going jogging- and instead ended up drinking 5 beers and eating chips and cheese and popcorn- yikes!!!
misschester misschester 9 years
I ate almost an entire bowl of brownie batter yesterday!!!
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