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Health Confessional: Share It and Move On

Confessing my health and fitness slip-ups to you guys make me feel human again, especially after reading everyone else's confessions. I've got a new one to make . . .

Here at the Sugar HQ, we have taco day. This means we all chow down on yummy tacos, chips, quesadillas, and more. Last taco day, I think I went a little overboard. Instead of sticking to filling one plate with all the goodies, I decided to completely ignore my own best intentions and go for two plates. I'm not saying I went back for seconds, no that would have seemed better. Rather, I piled two dinner-sized plates with food and took them back to my desk and ate until they were both empty. I felt super sluggish afterward and have learned my lesson. From now on, taco day is a one-plate affair.

So there you have it, I've told you mine, now you tell me yours. Got anything you need to get off your chest? Share your health blunders below and I promise you'll feel better. We all are human, and we all make mistakes, and we all move on.


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OhMyDragonflys OhMyDragonflys 8 years
I ate pasta for dinner..and after my cardio class I snuck in TWO bowls of cereal...I was *so* hungry.
gabiushka gabiushka 8 years
Haven't worked out since last week (that time of the month. I had been sooo good.
mtiger mtiger 8 years
I normally do pretty well...I eat between 1200-1400 calories because I'm trying to lose weight. But one meal on the weekend, I eat whatever I want. This past weekend it was dinner at a restaurant that I love! I had pimento cheese fondue with homemade potato chips, beef tips wrapped in puff pastry with gorgonzola cheese, mashed potatos, and waaaaay too much wine. It was so worth it, though...I'm already down a pound since then anyway!
C-a-n-d-i C-a-n-d-i 8 years
Ate a huge bowel of chocolate chip cookie dough icecream last night...and then had some BBQ chips. I had done so well all day, and then caved terribly in the evening. Blah.
CeeBee CeeBee 8 years
well it was my 21st last night and I we went to a fancy restaurant so of course I had all the courses! Bread and butter, fried zucchini (at least it was a veggie!), salad with dressing, and the biggest filet of tilapia I've ever seen in a butter wine sauce. Then I went home and had a piece of cake. But I did order vegetables as a side instead of the mouthwatering mashed potatoes that my friends ordered! It was my birthday but I still feel guilty today.
wambalus wambalus 8 years
I drank too much wine this weekend and didn't eat nearly enough (lose my appetite when I drink - unusual I know). Now I feel sluggish and the gym was so painful this morning. Ugh. Must start eating more regularly!
ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
well my blunder is that i love to go to this one bar to get 1/2 price beer, and well they have their typical bar fare when you want a snack, and i ALWAYS go overboard when i'm there cause it's the snack food and the fact that perhaps i might drink a bit too much. today for example, i had a rough day at work so my fiance and i went there after work, and we got beer, and tater tots...and a cheese quesadilla. not my best moment, but oh well. i'll try to avoid the menu from now on
Bksuga Bksuga 8 years
uggh i hope my boo dont read this lol. i am prego and i am suppose to be on this very healthy food eating thing right now. ( cant say diet cause its very far from it.) This morning,YES MORNING!!!! i so cheated i had a double cheese burger from mcdonalds and fries... and cookies. i felt real bad about it afterwards but hey it could have been worse.
jenniferjane jenniferjane 8 years
hey, tiger_lily, I have the same exact problem, exactly how you described it! I work out a lot, as in, I run 5 miles every single day, but I have such a serious problem with eating that I am still about 30 pounds overweight! What do we do? I have to eat until my stomach hurts and I feel drugged and I feel like I am the only person with this problem! I don't know what to do. I can't afford therapy, I don't have insurance but I'm desperate.
opisnowpro opisnowpro 8 years
today I ate so much chocolate cake!! I cant stop it!!
Jewels2080 Jewels2080 8 years
It was the Greek Festival here this weekend.. Gyros, pita and dip, baklava need I say more. At least it only happens once a year.
phinn phinn 8 years
Hey, this confessional is GREAT. I did a big show this weekend, so my calorie-counting and meticulous food diary went completely out the window. Yesterday I ate: a spinach and feta croissant for breakfast, a sausage roll for lunch, a ham and cheese crepe for late afternoon snack, and TWO grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner. And 3 double vodka-sodas last night after the show wrapped. The good news - because I had to defer two training sessions last week, I'm seeing my trainer EVERY DAY this week. Today she made me do 150 crunches, so hopefully I can work off some of the excess yesterday.
Francoisehardly Francoisehardly 8 years
It's more like I haven't done enough exercise. I did just get an exercise ball though and now it actually has air in it since I found a pump I could use (it was supposed to come with one but it didn't.
teacherturtle1 teacherturtle1 8 years
yesterday i bbq'd a 2 1/2 inch thick rib eye steak.. medium rare.. that weighed in at 1.27lbs! i did split it with my cousin, and we did have a salad and plenty of fresh raw veggies, but we also had a potato with butter, pepper, sour cream, and ranch dressing! and we also had some pork and pineapple sausage.. oh man! it was so wonderful! but today i'm back with my oatmeal in the a.m. and a whole wheat sandwich with plenty of veggies :)
Spectra Spectra 8 years
Lately, I've been doing pretty good. However, yesterday afternoon I made Reuben sandwiches for my husband and there was about half a can of sauerkraut left over. Yeah, I finished off the can by myself and today I am paying for it with the WORST GAS I've EVER HAD. Never, ever, again.
pamela661 pamela661 8 years
I'm pretty okay with what I eat. I stay with my 1800 calorie plan pretty well through the week (supposedly what I should do to lose 1.5 lb per week), and I usually let myself do whatever I want one day during the weekend. Lately, on that do-what-I-want day, I find that I don't even really go that crazy (unless there's ice cream involved). My major downfalls are slacking on the workout. I fall out of routine one day and it is virtually impossible to even guilt myself into going back. It's soooo hard to get my butt into the gym!
GlowingMoon GlowingMoon 8 years
Truthfully, no. Lately, I've been good about my eating choices.
cravinsugar cravinsugar 8 years
Also, I didn't work out friday because i felt so sick ( started period a week early and didn't realize what was happening, otherwise I would have manned up and done it anyway lol) I didn't work out saturday because i was being lazy, and yesterday was emotional so I cried for like 2 hours and then cleaned like a mad woman to distract myself, then cooked my meals for the next 2 weeks and froze TODAY i am so tired and emotionally hung over and trying to get out of cardio, but I think I will make myself go for a walk instead of the high intensity stuff I have been doing.
cravinsugar cravinsugar 8 years
So...this weekend was an extremely emotional one for me. I wanted to order pizza and eat the whole thing. Instead I had 3 150 cal warm delights (those betty crocker thingies) since friday, and i had a quart of low fat chocolate milk each saturday and sunday. and an extra egg roll with my meal yesterday (homemade, low fat/low cal chinese with frozen egg rolls) Def better than I ever would have done if I hadn't recognized what I was about to do and try to stave it off, but I could have done alot better also. But, I did make my neighbors brownies and while I licked the bowl and spoon i didn't have any of the brownies, while i was on my period. so there ya go. a little triupmh to go with a little defeat.
katyharper katyharper 8 years
Welp, my mom and I got back yesterday from a 10-day long trip to Spain (we live in Alabama), and needless to say, I was completely off any good eating habits while over there. I swear, there are ice cream shops on every corner. We did a lot of walking, and one day I worked out in the hotel gym, but it was so smelly I couldn't bare it for longer than 1/2 an hour. So now that we're back i'm trying to get back to normal. My digestive tract will thank me. :)
bigsee bigsee 8 years
this weekend, after a perfectly good day of watching exactly what goes in my mouth and a visit to my mom's garden for fresh veggies, i caved in to an ice cream drumstick. a bunnie tracks one. 430 calories didn't taste so good :(
LaurenG22 LaurenG22 8 years
I just ate WAY too many dark chocolate peanut m and ms... yuck... now I decided to switch to eating grapes... I am a snacker I guess... But I run everyday...
Tiger_Lily Tiger_Lily 8 years
oh, how appropriate. I ate way too much today. And actually I feel pretty bad about it. Don't know how helpful the other confessions are because they aren't near as bad as mine. Every once in a while I have this need to eat, this unsatisfiable hunger which will not cease until my stomach hurts i'm drained of energy. It feels like an actual disorder but I don't know which. um, yeah that didn't make me feel better heh.
g1amourpuss g1amourpuss 8 years
I gave into Chinese food after three weeks of not having it. Feeling pretty yuck about it today. Going to drink a bunch of water and tea to flush the yuck out of me. ...drank too much wine this weekend also. But it was birthday, and I was celebrating. Back on my 'diet' today.
Calekey Calekey 8 years
I've started to eat Starburst more often for crafting projects with the wrappers, and I'll eventually pay for it in other ways than loose change.
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