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Health Tip: Protect Your Toothbrush From Bacteria

Environmental microbiologist Chuck Gerba studies the spread of viruses and parasites, and he made an interesting discovery about bathroom hygiene. Gerba found that every time you flush the toilet, your toothbrush gets sprayed with bacteria. Eww! Even if you put the lid down before pressing the handle, microorganisms are still ejected into the air landing on every surface in your bathroom. Although, you probably won't get sick because the bacteria dies when the toothbrush dries, it's a good idea to keep your toothbrush as far away from the toilet as you can. Placing it in the medicine cabinet or your vanity drawer is a good option. Other items you should store in drawers include contact lens containers, bars of soap, and other things you use on your body in order to protect them from harmful germs. I keep my toothbrush in the bathroom closet. Where do you store yours?


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