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Health Tips: Ballerina Flats and Your Feet

Oh the husband wonders why women are so into shoes and I wish I could explain why we love them so much. Why they somehow seem to be the answer for all that ills us. Some ladies think that flats are the healthy answer to heels, but that is not necessarily the case.

While ballerina flats don't compromise your posture the way high heels do, they don't really help your feet out too much. They provide little if no support for the complex system that is your foot. There are 26 bones in the foot, as well as 2 distinct arches that not only help you balance, but that work as shock absorbers as well.

Most flats are very flat and provide little or no cushion for the bottom of your foot, which can be almost as rough as going barefoot. I have rarely tried on a pair of flats that have arch support, which is really important to keep you feet happy.

Fit's Tip: I wear Spenco arch supports in all my shoes. I wear the 1/2 in flats. I take the arch supports with me when I go shoe shopping. Sometimes the shoes just don't work with them and I have to pass those shoes up (which can take a lot of will power, but shoes that hurt my feet will not get worn). Sometimes I just have to buy shoes a 1/2 size bigger than usual. Check 'em out ladies...I think there is a happy medium between cute shoes and supported feet.

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