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Healthy BBQ - Tofu Pups

Although hot dogs hail from Frankfurt Germany, they are about as American as apple pie. Sometimes you don't want to eat processed meat or sodium nitrate that is found in most hot dogs.

I found a meatless alternative called Tofu Pups (cute name, eh?). The thing about regular hot dogs is that they pretty much taste like crap until the hot dog people add seasonings. That smoky kind of taste isn't from the meat - and the Tofu Pup people know that. They take good old healthy tofu, add the special hot dog flavor, shape it into a hot dog and voila - instant healthier hot dog. It has no cholesterol, no nitrites, half the fat and one-third the sodium of a meat hot dog.

Now when you go to try these - don't think they are going to be exactly like real hot dogs. The taste is similar, but the texture is completely different. Since Tofu Pups are made out of tofu, they're much softer than the meat version, which I actually prefer.

They take a lot less time to cook too, so make sure when you grill them, you watch them closely and turn them frequently. They don't need to be cooked - they just need to be warmed up.

Fit's Tips: If you find that grilling your Tofu Pups dries them out, try boiling them in water for a few minutes instead.

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