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11 Chip Recipes That Cut Calories — Not Crunch!

Jun 17 2014 - 9:27am

Nothing can doom a diet like the crispy, crunchy craving for chips — until now! Rather than ditch this snack for good, we found healthy takes on our favorite savory and salty recipes. So go ahead: give your veggies a new twist and indulge in the crunchy deliciousness of these 11 fit chips.

— Additional reporting by Aemilia Madden

Whole Wheat Pita Chips

Looks like this popular snack has gotten a healthy makeover. You'll love the sweet and salty combination of these whole wheat pita chips served with sweet potato hummus [1].

Source: Flickr User nooschi [2]

Honey Sweet Potato Chips

Nothing tastes better than a paper-thin chip smothered in some sort of cheesy goodness. These honey sweet potato chips [3] will give you the crunch without the guilt factor.

Source: Flickr User Yelena Strokin [4]

Kale Chips

Rather than grabbing a bag of greasy potato chips, bake up a serving of greens using this Kale Chip recipe [5] — three ingredients are all you need!

Source: Flickr User VincciWincci [6]

Taro Chips

Ditch the Lay's and opt for these baked taro chips [7] instead. They're lightly dusted with salt and Spanish olive oil to give you the taste you crave without all the calories.

Source: Flickr User tinycurrents [8]

Baked Potato Chips

For a healthier take on chips and dip, try this baked potato chips and onion dip recipe [9]. For a fraction of the fat, these cracked-pepper chips are worth the cooking time, and the dip can be made the night before your event.

Photo: Lizzie Fuhr

Sweet Potato Chips

These sweet potato chips [10] have a twist — almond butter! With a hint of nuttiness — they both sweet yet savory.

Source: Flickr User: fakeginger [11]

Golden Beet Chips

Love the earthiness of beets? If so, you're going to love these vibrant baked golden beet chips [12]. Not only will they liven up your lunch but they taste pretty good too.

Source: My Fare Foodie [13]

Baked Spinach Chips

If you consider yourself addicted to crunchy kale chips, shake up your routine and try these spinach chips [14] instead. This light, leafy treat is an easy way to enjoy a salty, crunchy snack.

Photo: Jenny Sugar

Paleo Seaweed Chips

Nosh on these crisp sesame-garlic nori chips [15] for a nutrient-rich snack that you don't have to be on the Paleo diet to appreciate. The salty crunch of this seaweed snack will have you addicted in no time.

Photo: Lizzie Fuhr

Carrot Chips

Curb your craving for greasy potato chips by snacking on these diet-friendly carrot chips [16] instead. The slightly sweet snack offers the same crunch as traditional chips, with half the calories.

Photo: Jenny Sugar

Roasted Brussels Sprout Chips

For a tasty snack that makes the most of last night's leftovers, whip up a batch of these low-calorie vegan brussels sprout chips [17].

Photo: Lizzie Fuhr

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