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Healthy Date Ideas When Vacationing With a Friend

How to Sneak Fitness Into the Most Relaxing of Vacations

"Vacations are not meant for fitness." This quote is from a dear friend of mine; the two of us are driving down the coast for Labor Day. While it's true that I usually don't plan my vacations around fitness, I like being active — even when away from home! But I get it, it's Labor Day, the last hurrah before Summer ends, and my friend wants nothing but fun in the sun.

Since she's doing all the driving, I'm definitely not going to suggest a yoga session on the beach. But that's because I have something even better in mind. Instead of framing activities in terms of fitness and exercise, I've got a few fun suggestions that will keep her smiling, and me active.

  • Let's go ride a bike. Riding bikes in the Summer sun can't be beat, especially when it's along a beach boardwalk. Once we hit Los Angeles, I'm looking forward to renting a couple of bikes and cruising along the Santa Monica beach boardwalk.
  • Book a spa date. A visit to the spa is not only an indulgent way to hang with a girlfriend, it's also a great way to relax. Schedule a massage to de-stress, relieve sore muscles, and boost immunity levels.
  • See how we'll be spending our nights when you


  • Dance the night away. A night out at the club can be super fun, and dancing is a great way to burn calories. Just make sure to keep everything in moderation so you don't spend the next day nursing a hangover.
  • Make a healthy meal feel indulgent. Before we go, I am researching great spots to dine out that also have a reputation for being healthy or offering local, organic food. My friend will feel like we're having a decadent meal out, and I'll still be able to find something on the menu that suits my healthy diet.
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GirlOverboard GirlOverboard 6 years
My best friend and I have always let our fitness fall by the wayside when we vacation together (we visit family in California every summer) and have gotten our activity in just by walking along the Venice Beach boardwalk and around Disneyland. This year, we're determined to actually get up with the sun and go for runs before it gets too hot. As a motivator, I found a juice hut not far from her grandmother's house that makes smoothies (like a Jamba Juice) with no added sugar and options like extra fiber and wheat grass. It's about a 10 minute walk away, so the plan is to get moving early and do a few laps around the block, then head to get smoothies, then cool down by drinking them on the walk back. That should get us a good 30-45 minute healthy start to the day. :) I might see if I can convince her to drop the money on renting a bike when we're at Venice...
Spectra Spectra 6 years
When we went to Mexico, we went on bike tours of the nearby cities and we walked around a lot. And I "indulged" on fresh grilled snapper and shrimp...SO delicious!!
emms emms 6 years
I love exercising while on vacation! I always go for a 4 mile run everyday that I'm on vacation. It's how I start every day and vacation is no different. Plus, I love jogging in unfamiliar places. You get a chance to see wherever you are from a different perspective and the entire run is filled with new views. My boyfriend and I are going to a lake resort for Labor Day and he knows to pack his running shoes!
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