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Beginner Fitness Tips
A Trainer Gets Brutally Honest About Why You Aren't Seeing Results
Healthy Eating Tips
13 Weird Ways Going Vegan Changed My Health
Healthy Recipes
60 Recipes to Help Shave Calories Off of Lunchtime

Healthy Does Link Time!!!!

iFit&Healthy is worried about Britney's relationship to food.

Leslie at The Weighting Game wants us all to clean up the negative body talk.

Body by Glamour has tips on how to how to avoid over eating - fork size does matter!

The Skinny Website shows us that Jennifer Love Hewitt grocery shops for herself and she buys Tupperware for her leftovers. Smart meal planning, Love!

Mark's Daily Apple is getting hip to the culinary and nutritional pleasures of quinoa.

Fitness Fixation has some colorful commentary on spin rage, plus tips on how to avoid it.

fitPod has beats for your treadmill workout - 120 of them per minute to be exact. Download the free music mix today.

About: Yoga teaches you how to make your own yogi tea, in the Kundalini tradition.

Complete Running has the skinny on "hot foot." It has nothing in common with being a "lead foot" but you might need to check your iron levels.

You are what you eat and That's Fit is here to tell you that you are mostly corn and soy.

Back in Skinny Jeans ponders the relationship between weight gain and giving up girlie activities.

Fall is here! Check out YumSugar's recipe for Butternut Squash with Sage. I'd make it without the sugar, but that's how I do things.

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