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Healthy Eating Tips
How to Eat Healthier So You Feel Stronger and More Energized in 2018!
Butt Exercises
The Moves You Should Be Doing For a Perkier Butt
Healthy Eating Tips
This Type of Flaxseed Is Better at Preventing Belly Bloat

Healthy Dose!!!!!

Here are some stories I thought you all might find interesting, helpful and useful.

vitabeat reports that cancer rates are rising among young pople. Yikes!!!

Fitness Fixation has two tips for you when it comes to shopping for good panties for running.

fitPod has a rockin' punk metal mix to spice up your run - titled "Totally Stoked".

Back In Skinny Jean is rightfully alarmed by "Pro-Ana" is in Yahoo Top 10 search terms. tells you how to make the perfect bridge. You don't squeeze your booty - who knew?

Complete Running reviews the Adeo - a new gadget to track your runs. It works with any MP3 player!!!

NetSweat informs us that exercise doesn't increase the risk of knee 0steoarthritis.

To Be Informed answers questions about herbal remedies and if they are of any value.

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