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The 12 Different Kinds of People You’ll Meet at the Gym
Everything You Need to Know About Baking With Coconut Oil
Healthy Recipes
20 Insanely Satisfying (Yet Sneakily Healthy) Chocolate Recipes

Healthy Dose Link Time!!!!!!!

Fitness Fixation helps you figure out which pain to work through and when to just ice like crazy.

geeksugar is all about Wii these days. Check out her exercise comparison chart. It might just make you want to play video games instead of working out on the treadmill. Eee gads!!!

Complete Running just heard that running can ruin your teeth. I'm not sure if I am buying the theory.

About:Yoga starts with the letter "A" in the ABC of yoga. Learn more on adjustment, alignment, and asana.

That's Fit reports on a new study: kids eat 100% more junk food after a junk food commercial. This one I believe.

vita-beat reports that frequent self weighing does not cause depression in women.

Back in Skinny Jeans has something to say about People Magazine's "no make-up" photo shoots.

fitPod has a new hour long music mix for you to down load titled: BodyTrippiN. Talk about motivational music.

About: Low Fat Cooking has a great Mediterranean Salt Cod recipe for you to try.

NetSweat confirms you need to cut calories, not carbs to lose weight.

Health Bolt reports that House of Representatives votes to outlaw DNA discrimination. Sounds straight out of Gattaca.

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