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Workout Headphones That Will Actually Stay in Your Ears — Finally!
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Warning: This Workout Will Wake Up Muscles You Didn't Know Existed

Healthy Dose Link Time!!!!!!

Complete Running shares an amazing tale of running through adversity - the adversity being chemotherapy!!!

Traveling? About: Yoga shares ways to take your yoga practice on the road.

Think just women are subject to airbrushing on magazine covers? Back in Skinny Jeans wants you to check out Andy Roddick on the cover of Men's Fitness and weigh in on the subject.

diet-blog has the details on healthy meals for kids, and what the kids really ate.

Renee Get's Fit gets serious about having prehypertension.

Fitness Fixation offers up ways to stay in shape while you're traveling - the 100 Challenge. Don't let the name intimidate you.

About: Low Fat Cooking has a tasty looking recipe for shrimp with mango for you to try.

That's Fit ponders the possibilities of a vaccine against allergies.

I love poems and running, and Run DMC magically combines the two and it's titled the best place to be.

fitPod has a 50 minute, aerobic inspiring music mix for you to download for free.

The Skinny Website has the skinny on how Sandra Bullock and Brooke Shields stay so slender and fit.

Curious to see a health nut's grocery list? The Weighting Game found one and you should take a gander, copy it down and buy that healthy food.

SU3 SU3 10 years
Andy Roddick on the cover of Men's Fitness Magazine does look a bit weird - they probably did airbrush his arms a bit, but what looks odd to me is his head! It just doesn't look right. I don't doubt that they attempt to airbrush men on fitness covers. I think it's just the same idea that they use for airbrushing women on fashion magazines - Men buy the magazines because they want to be fit and have big muscles like the 'person' on the cover. It's the same thing with women - they want to be thin and wear the clothes like the 'person' on the cover of the fashion magazines. That's funny that the woman found someone else's grocery list. It sounds like a typical list for me though - I've always wondered what other people have on their lists! :P Btw, the Sandra Bullock and Brooke Shields link doesn't seem to be working - I was curious to see how they work out and what they eat because they always look great! :D
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