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Healthy Recipes
17 Healthy Recipes That Prove Pumpkin Pie For Breakfast Is a Great Idea
10-minute Workouts
Warning: This Workout Will Wake Up Muscles You Didn't Know Existed
popsugar challenges
The 30-Day, 100-Rep Squat Challenge!

Healthy Dose Link Time!!!!!!

diet-blog tells the tale of getting low fat milk straight from the cow.

Complete Running gives some excellent tips for those new to running.

vita-beat reports that 12 percent of people are not brushing their teeth daily. Yicky!!!

Fitness Fixation gives you the skinny on Tabata. And, no - it is not food.

fitPod has a new mix for you to download. It is free, 40 minutes long and will pump you up.

Run DMZ shares info on the Rock 'n' Roll Marathon and an attempt to set a world record for running Elvises. If you want to be King, this could be your chance.

About: Yoga teaches you some backbend variations. There is a pose for everyone.

iFit & Healthy reveals the workout and diet of America's Top Model winner Jaslene Gonzalez.

Take a gander at this old school ad for weight gain products from 1934 on HealthBolt.

About: Low Fat Cooking has a great Mediterranean salad recipe for you to try.

That's Fit shares a new motivating tool: the quit smoking jacket. You got to see it, to believe it.

nuttyfritter nuttyfritter 10 years
Quit smoking jacket? *eye roll*
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