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19 Healthy Desserts to Satisfy Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Cravings
10-minute Workouts
Warning: This Workout Will Wake Up Muscles You Didn't Know Existed
Healthy Eating Tips
If You Love Oatmeal, You Need to Know This Trick

Healthy Dose Link Time!!!!!!

fitPod's new mix is awesome. AfterBurn promises 30 plus minutes of musical motivation for your next workout. Downloads are FREE!!!

vita-beat reports that Tyson is recalling beef from Walmart Stores across the Southeast.

The City Gardener at Lime shares a cautionary, yet optimistic tale of gardening with toddler twins.

Back in Skinny Jeans has a great interview with Leslie Goldman author of Locker Room Diaries.

About: Yoga offers up Legs Up the Wall - Viparita Karani as an easy inversion in a restorative style. This is a great way to unwind on a hot day.

The Weighting Game offers up many ways to run like a girl. Yes, running skirts are part of the plan.

iFit&Healthy has the skinny on Denise Richard's diet and exercise regimen.

The Skinny Website celebrates with Rihanna as she receives “Celebrity Legs of a Goddess” Award.

About: Low Fat Cooking has a great recipe for Potato Spinach Frittata.

Health Bolt wants you to quit smoking too. Here is a great chart of what happens to your body if you quit smoking RIGHT NOW. You can print it yourself or buy a copy of the poster. Talk about motivation to quit.

That's Fit has some information on a new sugar substitute made from whey.

Complete Running shares a chart that illustrates how losing weight helps you run faster.

diet-blog reports that oolong tea can help with weight loss.

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