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A Total-Body Workout to Build Metabolism-Boosting Muscle
Health News
Former Playmate Who Shamed a Naked Woman on Snapchat Is Convicted
A Calorie Comparison of Your Favorite Beers

Healthy Dose Link Time!!!!!!

About: Low Fat Cooking has the low down on eating shrimp as part of your low fat diet.

The Weighting Game poses the question Alli: Friend or Foe?

fitPod's new music mix is 40 minutes of "pulsing bodyworking beats" designed to get your body moving. Did I mention this play list is FREE?

iFit&Healthy has some tips on dealing with the plateaus of weight loss.

The Skinny Website weighs in on the question of whether Fergie was photoshopped for the cover of "Self."

Back in Skinny Jeans has started "fit" blogging. Check in and see how she is doing as she drops pounds and inches.

Fitness Fixation has made a personal dare - check it out and see if it is a challenge for you too.

About: Yoga introduces you to the Reverse Warrior. It is an elegant and satisfying pose.

HealthBolt has an easy tip for avoiding acne break outs.

That's Fit shares a folk remedy for digestion troubles and surprisingly it involves vinegar.

Complete Running Network explains the relationship between Sir Isaac Newton and your running style.

Lift News warns you about counterfeit Colgate toothpaste.

YumSugar brings you dessert without guilt: Banana Mousse.

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poetess poetess 9 years
Alli seems scary. I make sure to have organic apple cider vinegar with me wherever I go. There is an excellent book on vinegars and it has interesting uses for all types of things.
jhuck jhuck 9 years
I don't understand why this Alli drug is being marketed as the first actual weight loss pill (or something like that). Two years ago both my grandma and uncle were taking something and they lost a ton of weight (without grandma doesn't exercise!). I can't remember the name of it, but I did read up on it and I don't remember any big concern for anal leakage.
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Healthy Dose Link Time!!!!!!
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