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Healthy Dose Link Time!!!!!!

Health Bolt knows how we all feel about the "buthigh" - that which is neither bun nor thigh.

YumSugar knows how to make veggies fun! Check out this Chop Chop Salad.

Back in Skinny Jeans has a trick to make your workout fly by.

Fitness Fixation weighs in on personalizing your Nike sneakers.

Leslie at The Weighting Game urges you to "Smash Your Scales!" The revolution will not include a weigh-in.

About: Yoga says you can turn the yoga pose Plow into a moment of golden silence.

fitPod has a 40 minute music mix of alternative rock for you to download for FREE! Pump up your workout music.

That's Fit is reporting that a billion people are not getting enough vitamin D. Are you getting your RDI?

Wondering how long you should spend at the gym? iFit&Healthy has some tips on how long you should exercise.

Elastic Waist recommends some miracle foods. Believe it or not algae is on the list!

Complete Running Network wants to help you start a running club. Run with a pack!

Green Girl Guide wants you to make an eco-statement by getting your banking statement online.

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