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Beginner Fitness Tips
If You're Running and Aren't Losing Weight, Try This
Class Fitsugar
The Ultimate 30-Minute Cardio Pilates Burner!
Beginner Fitness Tips
What to Know About LISS Workouts and Why So Many People Are Doing Them

Healthy Dose Link Time!!!!!!

That's Fit reviews the concept: ab exercises and weight loss are two different things.

On the freakier side of things HealthBolt assures us that getting your eyeball tattooed is completely safe.

Fitness Fixation wakes up with wake boarding!

Leslie at The Weighting Game shares some sad celeb body image quotes. Take her quiz and match the celeb to the quote.

Mark's Daily Apple has a week's worth of tasty and nutritious recipes for you. I am inspired to make some Brussels sprouts.

Who says yoga doesn't work your abs! About: Yoga shares her new love of the boat pose!

iFit&Healthy has the skinny on Audrina Patridge, from the Hills, and her workout and diet.

Get in your exercise groove with fitPod's new, free music mix: RISEnSHINE - 35 minutes of beats to move you.

Complete Running Network explores the controversial relationship between ice and shin splints.

The Skinny Website wonders why Keira Knightley thinks she is twice the size of other actresses.

Back in Skinny Jeans applauds Target for using a "real sized woman in Vogue ad.

Refrigerator Raid has something to say about fashion week and the size of runway models.

GirlaWhirl is excited about - new ways to eat low cal dishes!

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motherknowsbest motherknowsbest 10 years
Pardon me! That last comment was meant for the other thread:"So hungry I could eat a horse."
motherknowsbest motherknowsbest 10 years
If you cut out nutritionally worthless carbohydrates like sugar, bread, pasta, rice and potatoes, and fill up instead on good quality protein and vegetables with a sensible amount of fat (unprocessed), you will find that you don`t get hungry and stay totally in control of your appetite. Carbs and low-fat junk diet foods make you cranky and ravenous. You blame yourself for craving food but it`s just your messed up metabolism. When you regain control of your eating, re-introduce whole grain and hi- glycemic foods gradually until you reach the correct balance for your lifestyle. As a side effect, you will also notice that you don`t get bloated and have more energy, you will lose that roll round your middle and double chin (if you have them).Also your blood pressure will normalise and your cholesterol will drop. Happy Munching! ;)
Spectra Spectra 10 years
I tried the sad celeb body image quotes quiz. I only got one of them right, but it was sad nonetheless. Women are way too hard on themselves in Hollywood. And everywhere else, for that matter.
Chaoticfury Chaoticfury 10 years
The eye tattoo will haunt my dreams...
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