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Want a Flat Belly? This Smoothie Will Help Get You There
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Sick of the Treadmill? This Machine Burns Way More Calories — and Won't Hurt Your Knees
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Healthy Dose Link Time!

About: Yoga has the yoga RX for seasonal allergies.

Health Bolt asks: Is Pilates hype or here to stay? You know I vote for the latter!

Back in Skinny Jeans tells us that Helen Mirren blames our fair sex for the size zero problem.

fitPod has a music mix up: "Painkiller" is a 30 minute plus joyride. Download it today for free.

iFit&Healthy declares boiled veggies nutritionally useless. Steam that broccoli, baby!

The Skinny Website tells us that Brittany Snow, of Hairspray, had an eating disorder as a teenager. Will spreading this message help keep teenagers from starving themselves?

Mark's Daily Apple shares the ten rules of aging well. Are you following them?

Elastic Waist announces their new show. Help them name it!

YumSugar has a tasty slow cooker recipe for pork roast for you to try.

Bodies by Glamour shares that Lezlye of "THE BL" avoids the scale but uses bi weekly photos as motivation.

Fitness Fixation tells you 11 things she has learned from exercise. These things will get you out of your seat and moving!

Leslie at The Weighting Game discusses the shocking anti-anorexia ad from Milan fashion week.

That's Fit knows you are curious if chatting on your cell phone for hours will harm your hearing.

Complete Running Network wants you to know a thing or two if you are running for two.


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jmast jmast 9 years
I agree with Helen Mirren. It's true. Just go on the Popsugar posts and see how people are writing that Lindsay is fat now and needs to lose weight. Everyone's conception of what is fat and what is not fat is really scary.
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