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Are Steel-Cut Oats That Much Healthier Than Rolled Oats?
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Healthy Dose Link Time!!!

Leslie at The Weighting Game is shocked by the statistic that one in seven women use illegal drugs to lose weight. Wow! I am shocked too.

fitPod gives you Body Electric, 60 minutes of dance beat for free!

diet-blog introduced me to the term "globestiy." Global + obesity = should we start worrying?

That's Fit wants you to prime your tactile sense with texture tattoos for the blind.

Complete Running celebrates the Nike Women's marathon and half marathon.

Fitness Fixation teaches us the five rules of the fitness industry.

Mark's Daily Apple has three excellent tips on how to eat healthy on a budget.

The Skinny Website shows us that Ricki Lake is staying thin.

About: Yoga wants you to stretch at your desk.

Back in Skinny Jeans goes "old school" with this Saved by the Bell workout. Put on your high cut leotard and join in the fun!

iFit&Healthy says calorie consumption in the US is up by 24 percent.

Sunny at Body by Glamour has the scariest Halloween candy ever, and it's not the calorie count that is frightening.

YumSugar wants you to eat more veggies too. Try this tasty eggplant recipe.


alex_289 alex_289 9 years
I absolutely hate the skinny website! Like, I seriously can't stand it! Isn't this world weight obsessed already? I get enough of talk about weight daily and definately don't want to add to it! Sorry but I just hate it! ~Alex~
Spectra Spectra 9 years
niko--I was also really surprised by the amount of women that use illegal drugs to lose weight. I mean, not just like those herbal diet pills, we're talking speed and cocaine! Yikes. I bet that's how a lot of those Hollywood celebrities stay thin and have enough energy to work their crazy hours. I liked the 5 fitness industry rules though...LMAO!
nikodarling nikodarling 10 years
ummm...was anyone else disturbed by the article about women who take illegal drugs to lose weight. I keep thinking that can't possibly be right I don't know one single person who does this. Or am I just leading a very tame life?
aimeeb aimeeb 10 years
OMG that scorpion candy!
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