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Healthy Eating Tip: Don't Eliminate, Elaborate!

Healthy Eating Tip: Don't Eliminate, Elaborate!

When approaching health and fitness, many of us have the mentality that less is more. While this may be a healthy perspective to avoid overeating and practice portion control, a restrictive diet can wreak havoc on your mood and leave you wondering whether there’s anything out there you can eat. Instead, alter your state of mind: rather than thinking about what foods to cut out, start to think of your daily menu as a chance to add great-tasting, healthy options. Challenge yourself to make the most of your mealtime and see just how many creative and good-for-you foods you can include in your daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner routine.

To get creative, I like to take a cue from vegan menus. Let me start by saying that I am not vegan. I love poultry and seafood, but each time I decide to dine vegan, I’m always amazed by the variety on the menu. Every item is loaded with healthful, delicious ingredients that remind me to think outside the box the next time I’m planning a meal.

To get creative meal ideas, just


Craving lasagna or a baked potato? Don’t deprive yourself these treats, simply reimagine them and treat yourself to a healthier version. An eggplant stacks is a great alternative to cheesy lasagna, and using fresh herbs, crumbled tofu, and fresh red pepper means it’s loaded with bold flavors and good-for-you ingredients. A baked sweet potato is another great option – and a great way to satisfy your craving for starch. Plus they are one of the healthiest vegetables around, since they contain vitamin C, potassium, fiber, and fewer calories than your regular potatoes. Even small changes like these can be big steps toward a healthier attitude and a healthier you.

To get creative ideas from your fellow FitSugar readers, check out their healthy food swap ideas.

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