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Healthy Eating Tip: Free Samples Aren't Free of Calories

Healthy Eating Tip: Free Samples Aren't Free of Calories

If you like to grocery shop on the weekends because of the free samples scattered throughout the store take heed from my experience yesterday.

The barista who cut up samples at my preferred coffee shop yesterday morning must have been feeling generous. A sample platter of baked goodies greeted me at the register, and the tray was a tempting arrangement of bigger than usual portions (about four bites each) of various treats. As I gave my order and paid for my coffee, it took this one thought for me to back away from the sample tray: Just because it doesn't cost anything, doesn't mean there aren't any calories.

I'd rather not waste calories on something forgettable, like the over-sized corner of a baked good that I have to pop in my mouth in a hurry. I prefer to hold out for the treats I truly enjoy, like dark chocolate, and give myself time to savor them.

Before reaching for something just because it's there, ask yourself if those calories would be better used elsewhere. As for the fruit samples at the farmers market — I always say yes!


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