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Healthy Eating Tip: Handle the Ladle With Care

Salad greens count as a superfood in my book, but salad dressings . . . not so much. The salad bar dressings we ladle on those greens are certainly tasty, but all that taste often comes at a high-caloric price. Cutting back on the dressing is important if you are also cutting back on calories.

Next time you visit a salad bar, pay attention to the size of the ladle, since they can vary widely and could hold anywhere from two to six tablespoons.The most common ladle size holds four tablespoons of dressing, which is equal to two standard servings, as listed on the food labels of salad dressing bottles (here's a salad dressing breakdown).

Lift the ladle out of the dressing and size it up before you fill it with dressing. A ladle the size of a ping-pong ball or a short shot glass will give you two tablespoons. If it’s bigger than that, make sure you only fill the ladle halfway before dressing your salad.


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