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We've all pulled a late night at the office. Sometimes late hours can creep up on us with no warning and other times we leave the house in the morning knowing that it's going to be a long day. For the latter, just like you would pack yourself a healthy lunch, pack yourself a healthy dinner. When I am working late and we order food here at Sugar HQ, it tends not to be the most healthy foods — think pizza, and even McDonalds, ack!
On the occasional late night, I've also tried waiting until I got home to eat but that just leaves me starving. The probability of making smart food choices is highly unlikely at that point.

Not only does having a nutritious meal give me the energy I need to get things done so I can get out of there, I'm not left wondering how many unnecessary calories I just inhaled. So next time you know you may be staying late, bring yourself something healthy to eat for lunch and dinner.


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