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Healthy Eating Tip: Store Precut Veggies in the Fridge

Who isn't trying to eat more veggies in their diet? All those carrots, peppers, cucumbers, broccoli, and tomatoes are so full of vitamins and fiber, and they're also low in calories so they help you maintain a healthy weight. The problem is, they're not exactly an easy convenience food since it takes time to prepare them. That means you'll be more likely to reach into a bag of chips rather than munch on some veggies.

Here's an idea. Once or twice a week, take 20 minutes to wash, cut, peel, and store a whole variety of veggies in plastic containers. Not only will they stay fresh, but they're instantly ready for sandwiches, stir-frys, grilling, casseroles, salads, or just to eat alone. I guarantee this will help you eat more vegetables throughout the week.

What veggies are in your fridge? Tell me below.

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