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Eating healthier topped almost everyone's list of goals for 2009 and nutritionist Alexa Fishback, author of The Daily Fix, has 12 habits to help your goal stick. Just in time for the weekend. She's taking on cocktail hour. Stay tuned for more tips, and be sure to enter our Get Fit For 2009 giveaway for a chance to win a personalized nutrition plan created by Alexa, along with many other amazing goodies.

Here's Alexa's advice on negotiating happy hour:
Most of us hardly need an excuse to order a cocktail at the end of a long workday. The recommendation for women who are not pregnant is to only drink up to one alcoholic beverage per day. This is based on years of research that indicates that risk of disease, including certain cancers, increases when we consume more than one alcoholic drink a day. Furthermore, most cocktails contain at least 100 calories per serving, so moderate drinking (one drink per day) is crucial if you are trying to stay within your calorie budget. To see some strategies to keep from overdoing it when you are out on the town and susceptible to overindulging


  • Dilute your white wine by ordering a spritzer (wine with a splash of seltzer — increases the portion of your drink and decreases the alcohol and calorie content).
  • Order a club soda with a splash of vodka. This is extra light on alcohol and calories, but you still feel like you are drinking something with some oomph.
  • Order a sparkling seltzer with lemon and lime sans any alcohol. No one has to know there isn't any alcohol in the glass — this is a good option to try after you have finished your one drink of the day!
  • Opt for a high-end version of your favorite spirit (tequila is a good option), and drink it on the rocks with a twist of lemon or lime. This is a drink that takes a long time to sip!

For more tips, check out all of Alexa’s Healthy Habits or pick up her book, The Daily Fix.


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