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Eating dinner out does not have to be a diet debacle. Nutritionist Alexa Fishback, author of The Daily Fix, believes dining out is an opportunity to eat fish without making your own kitchen smell fishy. Sounds reasonable right? Stay tuned for more tips from Alexa, and be sure to enter our Get Fit For 2009 giveaway for a chance to win a personalized nutrition plan created by Ms. Fishback, along with many other amazing goodies.

Now here's what she has to say on using dining out as an opportunity to eat fish:
The latest recommendation is for all women to enjoy at least 12 ounces, or 2-3 servings, of fish per week. The only caveat is that women of childbearing age avoid shark, swordfish, tilefish, and king mackerel as these large fish contain the highest levels of mercury. Otherwise — the beneficial qualities reaped from eating fish far outweigh mercury risks. It is a main source of heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

Some of us are weary about preparing fish in our homes, so to see some good options to order when you eat out, just


  • At a steak house, forgo the meat and go for the nice selection of grilled or broiled fish or lobster.
  • Try sushi. Go for one roll and several pieces of sushi or sashimi.
  • At a French bistro, try a white fish, filleted and covered with lemon juice — it is delicious. Or, order the mussels in white wine or tomato sauce.
  • At Italian, go for the warm seafood salad — trust me, it is as tasty as any of the pasta dishes with less calories and more nutrition.

For more tips, check out all of Alexa’s Healthy Habits or pick up her book, The Daily Fix.


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