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The 12 days of Christmas are over, so it's time to replace them with a dozen healthy habits. Nutritionist Alexa Fishback, author of The Daily Fix, has come up with 12 habits for a healthy lifestyle that sticks. Today, she takes on your morning caffeine fix. Stay tuned for 11 more tips, and be sure to enter our Get Fit For 2009 giveaway for a chance to win a personalized nutrition plan created by Alexa, along with many other amazing goodies.

Now, for Alexa's first healthy habit:
When it comes to long-term health and weight management, your everyday habits matter most! Chances are you have a favorite a.m. caffeine routine — but is it a healthy habit or a noxious fix? Feel free to imbibe any of the following every day:

  • Regular or flavored brewed coffee (black)
  • Espresso
  • Americano (espresso topped with hot water)
  • Misto or cafe au lait with skim or lowfat milk (half regular coffee, half steamed milk)

Learn your other options when you


  • Latte with skim or lowfat milk (a shot or two of espresso that has been poured into a cup filled with steamed milk and then topped off with foamed milk)
  • Cappuccino with skim or lowfat milk (usually one-third espresso, one-third steamed milk, and one-third foamed milk — more foam than a latte)
  • Macchiato with skim or lowfat milk (an espresso with a small amount of milk on top)
  • Tea (plain black, green, white, and herbal teas; hot and iced)

The goal is to avoid sweetening your drink, but if you have to, try using just one teaspoon of real sugar (it only has 20 calories) and forget the chemicals that come with artificial sweeteners. Also, try sprinkling your drink with spices available at many coffee joints. Cinnamon and nutmeg add sweetness and flavor to your favorite brew without any calories.

If your drink is not on this list, enjoy it every now and then . . . on a snowy Saturday morning or as a special treat when chatting with a friend, just not every day.

For more tips, keep reading FitSugar, or check out Alexa Fishback's book, the The Daily Fix.


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