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Healthy Habits That We Learn From Our Parents

The Healthy Habits You Learned From Your Parents

Earlier this week, one of our own editors shared with us the healthy habits she picked up from her mom: "Even as a toddler, I was tricked into thinking that corn flakes were potato chips, yogurt was ice cream, and wheat germ was 'special sugar.'" Now out on her own, she can't stand white bread and still loves the taste of wheat germ.

Many of you responded to the post with the healthy lessons that you picked up from your own parents —  our Twitter community even got in on the conversation! Check out the valuable lessons parents can teach to their children; it really is a testament on the valuable influence adults can have on children.

  • @RoaringSilence: "Always eating a handful of raw vegetables with every meal, even if it's just a sandwich."
  • @Susi May: "My Dad played sports my entire childhood . . . He taught me that being active was a fun part of life. I think he would be so proud that I have done some triathlons and love biking long distances."
  • @Spectra: "If you want dessert, make it yourself — with homemade cookies and puddings and such, you know exactly what is and isn't in them."
  • @michirururu: "Eating an apple a day."
  • @ShareItFitness: "Breakfast equals the most important meal of the day."
  • @juliie007: "My mom is an avid runner and healthy eater."

Want to add to the list? Share your the healthy lessons that you learned as a child in the comments section below.

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danakscully64 danakscully64 6 years
I was not taught a single good habit growing up. Really. Many of my meals came off the ice cream truck, I drank soda or juice (no water), had lots of Kids Meals, only ate sugary cereal, and every veggie I had was covered in some sodium rich sauce or butter. I'm such a health nut now, but I'm still a sugar addict :P It seemed like back in the day, people just didn't know about health the way they should today. If only the internet was around back then. I still get on my Mom about the way she eats. She thinks because she's skinny that she's healthy.
guavajelly guavajelly 6 years
i had a mix of good and bad habits taught to me. The good: always had whole wheat bread, never white, and always skim milk never homogenize. The bad: my early years were so high in sugar and process foods: bologny, fruit loops, corn pops, donuts, pounds of soft candy, oreo cookies, etc. sigh, everything i know about healthy food now is because i was sick of being ignorant to being healthy
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