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Healthy Holiday Hacks: Snacks For the Plane

Stay Healthy While You Travel With These Airplane Meal Hacks

What's available to eat on airplanes isn't always the healthiest — or even the most appetizing. Skip the galley food, and bring a few of these snack ideas on the plane for happy and healthy snacking.

  1. A bag of mixed nuts or homemade trail mix.
  2. A bag of instant soup (like this vegetarian, non-MSG miso soup) that you can add to a cup of hot water.
  3. Fruit like pears or apples you can toss in your bag to eat later. Take a container full of cut pineapple to aid in calming travel-related digestion woes.
  4. If you're trying to lose weight or counting calories, prepare a few snack packs split into 150-calorie portions, so you know exactly what you are eating. These 150-calorie snack ideas are easy to throw together and make great travel companions.
  5. Homemade energy bars for a quick, filling pick-me-up.
  6. Your favorite bags of herbal tea to help calm you during the flight.
  7. Dried fruits like mango, coconut, or pineapple for a quick energy boost.
  8. Healthy treats like a small bar of dark chocolate or Justin's chocolate hazelnut butter squeeze packs for when sugar cravings hit.
  9. Beef or turkey jerky packs to help you calm hunger pangs. We're partial to Krave Chili Lime.
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