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Healthy Living Habits You Should Know

5 Habits of the Always-Fit

Some people make it look so easy — they bounce out of bed in the morning, sprinkle their Greek yogurt with berries, and hop outside for their daily run. A green smoothie and a few post-workout stretches later, they're well on their way to having yet another healthy day.

For others, sticking with a healthy lifestyle isn't always so simple. Staying fit and healthy can be a struggle, since sticking to a workout and diet (aka not diving into a pint of ice cream every night) can test anyone's willpower. But the good news is that practice makes perfect, and becoming one of those enviably fit and healthy people can be just a few simple lifestyle changes away. Read on for five habits to borrow from the always-fit.

Make it a no-brainer: It can be hard to start an exercise routine, but it can be even harder to stick with it. But keeping with a regular exercise schedule gets easier the more you do it — that is, until you stop. Those enviably fit people have a secret: think of exercise as a daily must-do. You'll avoid getting into a rut, and you'll start to consider a workout as part of your everyday routine. Not only that, getting into an exercise routine makes skipping out that much harder; many people say that if they go without exercise for a few days, they start to feel anxious.

Take control of your food choices: It's an easy excuse to fall for: you can't eat right because you're surrounded by fast-food options, or you just don't have time to prep a healthy meal. People who are fit and healthy anticipate their hunger so they're not caught off guard with a grumbling stomach at the mall food court. Prepping meals and bringing your own snacks may take a little more time, but spending a few extra minutes to make meals and pack snacks will help you stay away from a fast-food fix. Stock your pantry with these healthy staples (think canned tuna, frozen veggies, and energy bars in bulk) that'll make throwing together a meal or to-go snack a breeze.

Read on for more healthy habits.

Find a workout you enjoy: Exercising regularly is just part of a fit lifestyle — and the secret to staying with it is to make exercise fun, not a chore. Fit people take time to find their favorite workouts, so they look forward to exercising instead of dreading it. If your go-to workout is getting stale, test out a new class at your gym or shake up your workout with these tips.

Make exercise a priority: You can't do everything all the time, meaning something's got to give if you're overbooked. Fit people know that exercise shouldn't always be the thing you forgo. Listening to your body helps you understand when you do, in fact, need a break, but when it comes down to scheduling a time to work out vs. going out or eating lunch at your desk vs. taking a walk, sometimes you just need to make exercise a priority.

Know your food triggers: We all have our favorite indulgences, but regularly eating those sugary, salty, or sweet foods will only make you crave them even more (and make it that much harder to stop). If you can't seem to stop after just one potato chip, give yourself limits: snack from a bowl, not the package, give up your worst temptations altogether, or find healthier ways to make junk food yourself.

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