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5 Protein-Packed Treats That Taste Like a Milkshake

May 10 2015 - 1:30pm

Sometimes, there's nothing like a tall, frosty milkshake to cool you off in the Summer heat, but at over 500 empty calories [1] (not to mention all that sugar and fat), one milkshake can be the undoing of your hard work. If you find yourself hitting the drive-through regularly, quench your thirst and cravings instead with a protein shake that will fill you up with healthy nutrients. Trust us, you won't even miss your normal indulgence.

Chocolate Banana Shake

This protein-packed chocolate banana shake [2] doubles as a PMS-buster. Bananas and cashews offer magnesium to help ease cramps, while the healthy fats in avocado add a milkshake-like creaminess that also may reduce PMS symptoms.

Frothy Protein Shake

For a creamy, frothy consistency that just may trick your taste buds into thinking they're getting the real deal, play with this frothy protein milkshake recipe [3] from blogger Dashing Dish. The secret? Cottage cheese, lots of ice, and a little bit of xanthan gum, a thickener that you can find in the gluten-free section of most grocery stores.

Vegan Chocolate Shake

This vegan chocolate shake [4] is as thick and creamy as its non-vegan siblings, but the dairy-free version is full of much healthier ingredients, like cashews, almond butter, and avocado. If there's not enough protein in this one, add a scoop of your favorite vegan chocolate protein powder and play around with the amount of liquid and sweetener until you get the right consistency and taste.

Vegan Vanilla Shake

Rather go for a vanilla shake? This vanilla protein milkshake [5] is also vegan — the secret is silken tofu, which whips up into a frothy, dreamy consistency that you'll crave.

Banana Bread Smoothie

Craving something comforting? This high-protein banana bread smoothie [6] hits all your frozen dessert needs. At over 34 grams of protein, it can actually help you lose weight, which certainly isn't the case with most desserts.

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